Let’s get to it.

What is it that you’re looking from your photos? Do you want them to reflect who you really are and tell the story of your day with character and detail? If yes we’re a match.

How do you like your photos? Traditional and serious, moody and romantic, relaxed and with laughter, adventurous and intimate? If you want your photos to show real uncensored emotion and love we’re a match.

I want to take photos that really tell who you are. With all your quirks and peculiarities. How you connect, touch and look at each other. The wrinkles in his eyes when he laughs and how a little kiss behind her ear send shivers down her spine.

I’m a bit of an adventure seeker and would love to photograph you walking on a cliff, watching a storm approach on the coast or wander the dawn mist by a swamp. On the other hand I love the urban environment as well, cobbled stone streets, old houses, abandoned factories and murky garages. If you’re interested in discovering new exciting places we’re definitely a match.


What, when, where and especially who? Tell me about you, what's your story? What do you love to do? Where do you love to go? Food that makes you drool? Song that makes you dance and cry? Got questions? Ask away!