A Day to Remember


It was one of these magical days when everything is just right. Sun, the sea, beautiful people that were there at the wedding with all their heart sharing the moments of joy and happiness. No one held back with the laughs or the tears.

Helsinki is a harbour city and it feels. You hear the seagulls, the sea is everywhere and you can easily hop on a boat to an island getaway to celebrate with your closest ones. It’s something that the people in Helsinki might take for granted but once you stop and think about it it’s something really special. Lonna might just be the best place to experience Helsinki on a summer day like this and it sure made a perfect wedding venue too.

I met Saija and Hannu the previous fall to take their engagement photos and I knew already back then that the wedding would be a lot of fun. And boy I was right. Everyone was wearing their greatest smiles and I don’t think I’ve seen a dance floor this crazy in a while. I was welcome from the very first moment and by the end of the night I felt more like a guest than just a photographer. After I finished working I stayed there to celebrate because I just didn’t want to leave.