With a passion for learning


I’m so happy to have you reading this page! It means developing yourself and your talent interests you. I really value that in a person. Passion for learning is probably the quality that most keeps a person curious towards the world and curiosity can take you to great lenghts and success.


No one is born a master, photographer the least. There’s always room for development. One way to learn  photography is to watch and analyse the work of other photographers. Even a better way is to get feedback for your photos from an experienced photographer. An not only as a photographer but also an entrepreneur. Skills as an entrepreneur are equally important that the skills with the camera in order to “make it” as a Photographer. I didn’t realize this early enough on my path to become a photographer. I wish I had, it would have made many thing a lot quicker. Now I wish to make this already half paved road more accessible to you.


Here you will find a selection of different mentoring services aimed for photographers with a passion to learn. For the moment I will start with my Mini Mentoring service that’s a great way to get to know me and to get a sneak peek into how I look at photos and what to expect from my private mentoring sessions in the future. In the near future I’ll also open private one-to-one mentoring sessions so stay tuned if that’s something that interests you.


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Mini Mentoring is all about straightforward honest feedback on your photos. Send me 1-3 photos* as a private Instagram message and I will film you a roughly 2-3 minute feedback video on these photos and you Instagram feed in general.


There are two versions of Mini Mentoring:

1. Public and Free

2. Private and Paid


     1. Public

Send me 1-3 of your photos* as a direct message on Instagram and like and comment the five upcoming posts of mine to help my Instagram get more exposure. Put on my post notifications for that time to get notified when I post. After you’ve liked and commented on these photos send me a message and I will publish your feedback** as an Insta Story on my feed and tag you on it. In this way my followers will also find your work. You can then share the story in your stories. Sharing is caring!

     2. Private

Send me 1-5 of your photos* as a direct message on Instagram. Visit my online store to purchase the Mini Mentoring. https://holvi.com/shop/pyrykantonen When the purchase is done I’ll send you a link to your feedback as a private Youtube link.***

* I will not publish or use these photos for other purpose.

** Private feedback is longer and more thorough than the public one and includes more concrete tips on how to better your photography. In public feedback I concentrate on the positive qualities of the photos and on constructive feedback. The more strict feedback I’ll keep for the private feedbacks. You can learn a lot through critique but I don’t Insta Stories is the correct forum for that. With private feedbacks I’ll also ask you how straight do you like your critiques. : )

*** The Youtube link is private and confidential.