Intimate warm wedding

Saila’s and Aki’s wedding was an exciting one for me. It was the first wedding I photographed of people that I didn’t know personally. As I knocked on the door of this little jugend villa, Villa Vuosanta, I had butterflies in my stomach. As Aki opened the door I realized that in the next wedding I will definitely want to meet the couple before the wedding day. I had no idea who was the groom and I might have accidentally addressed a wrong person the first time. Well, it was not a biggie and the rest of the day went beautifully.

As the fresh leaves and plants were sprouting everywhere, and tiny little mist-like rain was softly raining down, you could really feel the spring in the air. Summer was on it’s way. Villa Vuosanta offered a perfect warm contrast to the outdoors and the atmosphere was lovely. As the evening started to fall, the party was moved to the boat shed and after the couples dance a little bar opened up in the corner of the shed. I stayed until the night and smiled while walking away listening to the sounds of the party becoming farther and farther away.