Through the wind and snow


I’m born in the end of January and my name means blizzard so winter is a special time for me. When Annika and Aleksi first contacted me they already wished the winter to be present in their photos and I immediately got excited. But little did we know what a blizzard there would be on that day. I have to give credit especially to Annika who walked through the breeze wearing only her wedding dress and the sincere smile of hers shone brighter than the snow around us.

After that it was a bliss to step inside into the warmth and dim light of the Alexander’s Church. The heartfelt atmosphere of love and joy that surrounded Annika and Aleksi was present there and throughout the day. As we continued to the dinner and celebration at the historical venues of Sipuli I kept noticing the level of detail Annika and Aleksi had put into the planning of their wedding day. A perfect combination of winterly decor and warm touch of happiness that brightened us up in the dark of the winter.

In her speech one of the brides’ maids played beautifully with the Finnish words “toinen toista”, which mean both second of the second (the date of the wedding) and one an other. It was a perfect day to love one an other, and promise to keep revering and relishing that love for a lifetime.