I love long views, the sea, bicycling through the city at night, skinny dipping, art, puns, sunrises and first and foremost my family and my friends.

I think everything in life is connected and thus I find my joy also in the joy of others. I hope that shows in my work as well.

In wedding photography same rules apply as in other arts, a good picture touches you. It tells a story and conveys a feeling, takes you somewhere, somplace, into ones memories or imagination.

Everything. And everywhere. Even in the littlest of things. How he curls your hair around his finger watching a movie. The look in her eyes when she remembers you saying I do. His comforting smell, her sweaty palms when you nervously walk the aisle. I want to capture that love, capture your story.

What thrills me in this life are stories. Stories we live, see, hear, share and dream of. Let's tell your story in the most memorable way possible!




selected wedding stories

Beautiful summer wedding at villa tellina in the small coastal town of hanko

the perfect summer day in helsinki. wedding on the island of lonna.

helsinki wedding full of style and love

helsinki wedding full of style and love